About SFF Concourse

SFF Concourse is a review site and an index of short form science fiction and fantasy. Our primary goal is to offer thoughtful reviews of SFF novels and short fiction and to provide an exhaustive monthly listing of awards-eligible short SFF in English. Links to recommendations and reviews at other sites are included so the reader can have access to a variety of opinions.

Review Policies

We don’t do solicited reviews. Please don’t ask.

If you are a publisher looking to promote your new titles or offer advanced copies, feel free to contact us.

However, indie/self-published titles are almost certainly going to be ignored. The reason for this is, frankly, that nearly every one we’ve tried to pick up has been flat-out awful. We’re not interested no matter how much you insist that yours is different. There are only so many hours in the day, so we tend to stick with the pros.


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